Thursday, 16 August 2012

Olympics Late Event - World Diplomacy

Gold goes to Ecuador

+1 for well staged statesmanship
+1 for annoying pompous nations
-1 for actually being somewhere Assange will feel safe when/if he gets there considering how much income Ecuador receives from the USA.
Overall score +1

Silver goes to Julian Assange

+1 for exposing attacks on Afghan civilians and children and other dubious practises
+1 for annoying pompous nations
-1 for failing to answer to allegations in Sweden, even if they do seem a little suspicious
-1 for poor handling over the release of the bulk of the leaked cables (eg endangering other operatives)
Overall Score 0

Bronze goes to Sweden

-1 for failing to send interviewers to London for the Assange case
Overall score -1

Wooden Spoon goes to UK Government

-1 for talking about violating, in spirit at least, the concept of diplomatic sanctity
-1 for apparently demonstrating that we are still the lapdog of the USA
Overall score -2

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