Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Roofing prices

Another rant.

Need to get the roof retiled and insulated (Celotex boards, between rafters, best done from outside due to complications caused by twin dormers).

Ok - this is a bungalow, good access, 80m2 of tiles on the hipped roof sections, 17m2 tiles on the dormer vertical faces. We need 75 Celotex between rafters, 50mm between dormer timbers, breathable membrane and we are happy to go for round hips (instead of bonnet tiles) and concrete interlocking tiles (10/m2 instead of 60-ish/m2, lower costs).

There are a couple of side jobs - install vent strips under dormer roof gutterboard (gap exists, need to remove infil plywood and insert insect comb/mesh); and replace 1m rotten wallplate holding up lead bay roof - needs to be done from inside.

All lead and felt flat roof sections to remain untouched.

Guttering to be removed for customer to refit. Customer will also refit soffit boards (both are fiddly and I need to do other work inside the soffits - wiring and stuff).

I have just reckoned up the materials (all inc VAT tax and 10% extra for wasteage)

£809 - 80m2 tiles for hipped parts
£408 - 17m2 flat tiles for dormer walls
£864 - 75mm Celotex (new, not seconds)
£198 - 50mm Celotex (new not seconds)
£246 - Round tiles (ridge/hips)
£570 - 50m Code 4 lead flashing (over estimate)
£244 - Tyvek breathable membrane
£355 - 6x1" Western Red Cedar for gutterboards
£900 - Scaffold all round, 1 lift = approx  (asked a scaffolder)
£250 - 8 [cubic] yard skip
£500 - Misc materials, mortar, vent strips etc

Total around £5400 inc VAT. Been told this is 2-3 men for 2 weeks job by several people.

Quotes have been coming in at 16k-20k.

So - lets work this out:

6k materials, 16k total = 10k for labour and overheads.

5k/week for 3 men.

Each man is £1600. if we halve that for business overheads (a pretty standard factor) we see each man gets paid £800 per week gross.

At British rates of tax that is £2560 Net per month. That's more than I get paid.

I know these guys may be contractors and thus have to fund their annual leave, etc, but even so...

And the company is taking 5k which sounds like a vast over estimate, meaning the men probably get more.

Strewth... Do I have to go trawling northern England for people and put them up in a Premier Inn for 2 weeks? It might be cheaper...

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