Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Royal Fail

Short rant.

Just missed a signed-for package delivery because I'm at work. I know this becaus ethe Ebay seller sent me a Royal Mail tracking number. Putting that number into Royal Mail's tracking website said the delivery had been aborted and the package returned the Battle office.

Now I live 5 miles away from there and it's a right royal pain to go down there - parking is bad and I rarely have reason to go to Battle as nice as it is.

Anyway, Royal Fail's website said I could re-book a delivery. Goody I thought. I have enough information to authenticate myself to them - stuff like tracking number, my name, delivery address, package type etc.

So I filled all this in an made it to the page where you can choose to have it redelivered or held at a local Post Office for £1.50 extra.

OK - Excellent - I select "Redilivery" as I will be working from home tomorrow (Thursday). Choice of dates for redelivery starts from Friday!!!

WTF???! This was Wednesday at 2pm. How much warning do they need to lob a packet into the postie's pile? It's the little things like that that just really piss me off...

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