Sunday, 10 February 2013

Android - Squiddy's best apps list

  • Now that Google Reader is having the plug pulled, I've switched to Taptu which is a nice RSS client - allows streams to be merged and has a pretty nice layout.
  • Email - K9 Mail The best I have tried, ever. Multiple accounts, reliable, good notification control, hide lesser used IMAP folders. Free.
  • Launcher - used to be a fan of Go Launcher Ex, which is very customisable and very active. Just switched to Nova Launcher Prime which is smooth, a little lighter and has an excellent App Drawer folder mode avoiding the need for external app sorters. £2.50
  • Car GPS - used to use Sygic, now switched to CoPilot Live which seems snappier. Sygic's paid for traffic addon was becoming unreliable and next to useless. I'm checking to see how CoPilot fares.
  • Walking GPS (UK) - Viewranger. Cannot find anything to beat it that has offline OS 1:25000 maps, purchasable by the tile. Utterly brilliant is the way you can edit a track on a PC or the phone, then share it and follow it in GPS mode. Makes night hikes simple...
  • Real Time GPS Tracker - does what it says. Hide the phone in your kid's bag and send them to the shops (first time out by themselves), knowing you can see where they are on any web enabled device... Could be useful for group outings where the group may want to split up for an hour or two...
  • Ocado shopping app. Assumes you want to buy Waitrose fare, but has an excellent offline mode with full catalogue. Not seen anything as good from the other supermarkets.
  • Mapping cellular signal coverage: Sensorly for reasons explained here.
  • editing: Google's own Blogger app. Does everything I want, so not really looked at the alternatives.
  • Wordpress updates: Wordpress app. Works pretty well unless you get custom with the HTML, then it can lose the plot a bit.

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