Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Rail bosses hit back at 6-year-old girl's cute letter

"Little Ella Porter, from Uckfield, penned the note to bosses at the rail company, pleading with them to help dad Neil arrive home in time to tuck her into bed.
She wrote: "Dear Mr Railway Man, my daddy is always late home and I miss him very much because he always used to tuck me into bed, this makes me upset."

Southern could have done so much more here.

Maybe a couple of cab passes so she and dad could ride up front in a train to see what problems it faces into London.

At the very least a hand written letter from the MD back to the young lady would have been courteous. They might even have set her on the path of being a train driver when she grows up (and yes, women DO drive trains!).

But no - faceless customer service brush off. They spend millions on PR and yet they miss a golden opportunity...

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